Climate news #3

Publisert 8. desember 2021

The world in brief: our weekly update on sustainability worldwide.

Climate corps – a new workforce for America 

FDR, as part of his New Deal designed to get America through and out the other side of the Great Depression, created a federal conservation corps. It employed three million men to build infrastructure and parks. Now Joe Biden wants to revive the idea—but this time to tackle climate change and its effects. 

There is already such a corps in Colorado. They do everything from firefighting to ripping up invasive weeds and installing water-saving equipment. A survey conducted by a left-leaning pollster revealed that 45% of Americans would be interested in working in a climate corps. 

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A new subsidy regime for English farmers

After Brexit, subsidies are being changed. Out with the Single Farm Payment (which currently makes up about 50% of average farm income), and in with payments to protect biodiversity. One key element is the Sustainable Farming Incentive, which will encourage farmers to cover 70% of land in winter with crops. These are to protect and improve the soil in a natural way (without the use of synthetic inputs).

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Land-based farming for more sustainable fish

Fredrikstad Seafoods is cultivating salmon in large tanks. Fish are cultured for two years. Key advantage is that you can locate these facilities close to markets – so no need to fly fish all around the world. Big energy requirements, though, so only greener if there is ready access to renewable supply.

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Shell pulls out of Cambo oil project in North Sea

Shell had a 30% stake in the project off the coast of the Shetland Islands, but pulled out after deciding that the economic case for continuing was not strong enough. The company also had a number of legal challenges to face in the event of committing to the Cambo field. 

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Sustainability or greenwashing? Medical-devices claims green action off back of new bond scheme. 

Elekta, a Swedish manufacturer of large medical equipment for treating cancer, claims that it has launched the world´s first bond scheme for improving access to cancer care. But is this sustainability? Good example of how the lines between E, S, and G often get very blurred. 

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